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More Medical French – Chest Trauma

  • poignarder – v. to stab
  • à plusieurs reprises – several times
  • un coup de couteau – a stab wound
  • un pneumothorax – pneumothorax
  • un hémothorax – haemothorax
  • une piquire – injection
  • il s’avère que… – It turns out that…
  • poser un drain thoracique – v. to place a chest drain
  • la pose – the placement
  • inspirer – v. to breathe in
  • expirer – v. to breathe out
  • retenir le souffle – v. to hold one’s breath
  • un côte – rib
  • la plèvre – the pleura
  • (espace) pleurale – pleural (space)
  • une radiographie des poumouns (debout) – chest x-ray (PA)
  • épaississement – thickening
  • une ponction – puncture
  • une plaie – wound
  • paroi (costale) – (chest) wall
  • la poitrine – chest

French words for radiologists

un épanchement – effusion
un tassement – collapse
recul  – retraction
un débord – an overhang
susjacent – overlying
sousjacent – underlying
la moelle – marrow
disques  – discs
la charnière – joint
une saillie – protrusion
contusion – contusion
médullaire – cord / medullary
au niveau de – at the level of
garder  – to maintain (radiological use)

Osirix UK User Group first meeting at Hammersmith Hospital

I attended the first meeting of the UK Osirix User Group which was organised by Dr Mary Roddie of Imperial College, London today. It was pretty well attended for such a seemingly niche topic. The adoption of OsiriX as the chosen method to run the FRCR examination has enforced a standard amongst the progressive radiology educators in our country.

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iPad study made front page on Aunt Minnie today

I’m delighted to say that interest in our iPad trial continues. Erik Ridley, senior editor at has written an excellent and highly informed overview article summarising our recent study demonstrating that the iPad can cut it for reading emergency CT on call.

Radiation doses in CT scanning, should we be taking consent?

The radiation argument continues to heat up (no pun intended…) on both sides of  The Pond. All of the major radiology conferences this year such as RSNA, Chicago and ESR, Vienna had comprehensive lectures and open debate sessions to address the unavoidable topic of radiation dosing. CT scanners have become so ubiquitous and overused by clinicians that the risk benefit equation is being tipped.

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64-slice of course