As part 2 of my experiment to confirm my theory that the machine uses some cheating tactics to create the crema, I decided to refill a Nespresso pod with another brand of espresso ground coffee (I chose Lavazza Qualita Rossa).

METHOD: Used Nespresso pod cleaned out and dried then refilled to brim with Lavazza coffee and sealed using a square of aluminium foil. Placed into Nespresso machine and coffee brewed as normal.

RESULTS: Coffee tastes the same as when brewed using Gaggia espresso machine, good full flavour and ridiculously generous crema yet again.

CONCLUSION: Nespresso machines definitely contain some sort of mechanism to create an artificial crema since it works with any old coffee placed into one of their pods, yet their own coffee from their pods does not produce crema when brewed in a Gaggia machine.