Nespresso coffee tastes really great yet I cannot believe that there is not some sort of foul play / cheating going on as so much secrecy shrouds the premium brand.

I cannot understand how such a small machine can produce such a large crema on top of the espresso. It far exceeds that created by my Gran Gaggia for example. 

I decided to investigate

Experiment #1 – Nespresso Pod in Gran Gaggia

METHOD: I emptied the Nespresso pod into the Gran Gaggia, allowed it to heat up to the correct temperature (as shown by green light) then produced an espresso. I noticed that the coffee aroma was very fresh and fragrant on opening the pod and was more finely ground than other espresso brands (I usually use Lavazza Qualita Rossa).

RESULT: Excellent taste, just the same as produced by the Nespresso machine suggesting genuinely good quality and freshly preserved coffee. No crema whatsoever, suggesting that the Nespresso machine does something to create that.

CONCLUSION: Nespresso is good, finely ground coffee but there seems to be some jiggery pokery producing the crema.

Stay tuned for more experiments