Keynote is a far superior presentation building tool to the ubiquitous Powerpoint. Unfortunately it is uncommon to find a venue with a mac running keynote, and often they won’t even let you plug your mac or iPad into the projector. Hence, Powerpoint (ppt) versions of presentations need to look consistent to the Keynote original.

This can be limiting, as many of the transitions and effects are not supported. I don’t really use transitions but I like some of the objects and effects (like reflection) available in Keynote as well as the superior themes.

My solution

  1. Export an HTML version of your presentation with high quality PNG images

  1. Open a new Keynote file and select all of the PNG images of your slides then drop them onto the slide browser side bar to import each as a separate slide

Each PNG rendering of the slide will now be given an individual page as rendered by Keynote and not screwed up by Powerpoint since the whole slide is a PNG image. The file size is pretty good too, I was shocked that it was actually smaller than the original Keynote file but I guess PNG compression is pretty effective on slides with lots of blank areas.

This method is not perfect as transitions are lost but it is one way of guaranteeing a presentation looks as intended.