We arrived in Mauritius 5 days ago now and have mostly lounged around the beaches on the east coast. We are staying at Maison d’Ete near Poste Lafayette. It’s a nice Swiss run set of beach villas offering self catering with kitchenettes, but also a good onsite restaurant. The pools are small but pleasant and there are comfy sun loungers, all of which face the wild winter Indian Ocean.

It’s seriously windy, more so than expected and so much so that I struggle to take photographs. Those above were all grab shots on the iPhone.

The beaches here are lovely and wild. They are covered in volcanic black lava rocks, whilst the sand is a brilliant white contrast from the ground up dead coral. Swimming in the sea is difficult with the strong winds, but there are some living corals in the lagoon quite close to the beach and the fish are varied and pretty.

Apart from all the relaxing, activity has been a bit limited by Jane’s crutches but we have managed several short bike rides and a trip to Port Louis on the public busses which was an experience. More on that later…