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iPad study made front page on Aunt Minnie today

I’m delighted to say that interest in our iPad trial continues. Erik Ridley, senior editor at www.auntminnie.com has written an excellent and highly informed overview article summarising our recent study demonstrating that the iPad can cut it for reading emergency CT on call.

iPad emergency CT study featured on Aunt Minnie: Road to RSNA 2011

iPad emergency CT study featured on Aunt Minnie: Road to RSNA 2011

Osirix HD brings remote radiology to iPad

This week Osirix HD, the long awaited (a year to be precise) iPad version of the outstanding freeware DICOM workstation software for Mac. The mobile versions are not free, but at £17.99 it is a small price to pay for such considerable mobile radiology capabilities.


  •  Reads DICOM standard images
  •  Query/Retrieve PACS server functions across Wifi and 3G networks
  •  Windowing of studies
  •  Basic 2D manipulation tools (measure, ROI, zoom, rotate)


  •  No native multiplanar reconstruction capabilities (iPad is not powerful enough yet)
  •  No MIP / Volume rendering functions
  •  Difficulties connecting to PACS servers, not an Osirix unique problem however
  •  Not much improvement over the iPhone version considering how long it took them to make!

I will be conducting a full test in the near future and will report further about workflow and possibility of actually reporting from this thing… I have an idea on this!