I’m starting to get some acceptable results with the Leica CL now after a few teething troubles.

Teething Problems 101

I’ve been using Kodak HC-110 to develop my films (Ilford HP5 above) in my Patterson System 4 tank and reels. There have been troubles…

  1. Loading the reels takes practice, and is not made easier by the fact that the CL reverse loads the film onto its spool – it’s best to cut a generous amount of the film leader off and to leave it rewound in the cannister for 24-hours before loading onto the developing reel.
  2. I had the European Concentrate version of Kodak HC-110. Very confusingly, in 500ml bottles this is weaker than the 1L concentrate syrup sold to the rest of the world (and the UK). I was diluting as per 1L syrup and thus using only 30% of the required developer, no wonder my negatives were pale.
  3. Scanning is a black art requiring precise repetition of steps and careful preparation of the negatives so that they are as flat as possible to achieve even exposure. I tried a few methods but gave in and got a Canoscan 8800F which is a reasonably priced and relatively high-end scanner that gets good reviews.