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Covent Garden for the Queen’s Jubilee 2012

Craving pizza, just not in Malletti

I had a craving for pizza today and had wanted to try Malletti in Clerkenwell for some time after it had been recommended. They claim to offer authentic pizza al trancio as it is served allover Italy every lunch time.

On entering, the presentation was certainly very authentic with big trays on show. The pizza was cut to order and reheated, again quite authentic. Unfortunately the main event, the pizza itself was the let down. Far too thin for pizza al trancio, and the toppings were only average quality (ham especially) in spite of the claims of finest Italian ingredients. Two slices and a can of Chinotto had set me back £8.25, making the price another let down. I’d have let them off if it was up to scratch.

The quest for perfect pizza al trancio in London goes on sadly

London is getting excited about the olympics. Awesome mural in Shoreditch

Whitecross Street Market: great street food

Street food has really taken off in London in the last couple of years, with small markets run by the city’s vast migrant population serving up all of those favourite holiday eats.

BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme broadcast about London street food in 2010, in a somewhat progressive observation by their standards.

Whitecross street is just off Old Street, and just a minute walk from the tube station famous for a confusing number of exits (8 I think). The market caters for the density of workers in this area, who are an amusing juxtaposition of suited financial drones and hipster design types. Needless to say, they all lap up the delicious street food.

The longest queues seemed to be for Luardo’s Burrito van (a trendy affair in an old converted Citroen bakery van) and a place serving Tikka Paneer wraps who need to advertise their name better.

The winning formula seems to me to be:

  • Good stall design with an obvious concept
  • Actively cooking i.e. producing drifting delicious smell
  • Really fast turnaround and service
  • Price – £4-5 is the going rate for a main dish

We ate at Sawadee Thai on the corner with Old Street, mainly because the queue wasn’t too long. They served delicious aromatic and very spicy Thai curries with sticky rice from their cobbled together van at £4 a box. Delicious and a very filling portion.


Another street food market I really rate is at The Brunswick Centre on Saturdays.

Read what Time Out London say about Whitecross Market

Spring has arrived in Margravine Cemetery which I walk through almost every day. It’s a great place to see the seasons evolve and a wonderful green space in west central London.

Zermatt shot on film with the Leica M6

Cervinia Testa Grigia on Flickr.

Always worth heading to Italy (Cervinia) for a good lunch.

Matterhorn from Zermatt today

Osirix UK User Group first meeting at Hammersmith Hospital

I attended the first meeting of the UK Osirix User Group which was organised by Dr Mary Roddie of Imperial College, London today. It was pretty well attended for such a seemingly niche topic. The adoption of OsiriX as the chosen method to run the FRCR examination has enforced a standard amongst the progressive radiology educators in our country.

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A photographer at work
My Uncle Bernard working the light during sunrise at Saltwick Bay near Whitby

Leica M6 + Zeiss 28mm. Kodak Tri-X @ 320 developed in HC110(B)